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Policy + Directory of Downloads

Aug. 3rd, 2020 | 01:25 pm
mood: sicksick
music: Strangers - Raj Ramayaya

Instead of doing my finals work, I've done the sensible thing and decided to reorganize my journal a little. >.> So here we go, the revamped obligatory Policy/Directory/Soapbox post. I used to post on MTS as Sanus Ex Machina, but now you'll usually find me lurking around GoS as Pyxis. I've also moved my Venice skin textures to be downloadable in this post instead of having their own post cluttering up my stickies.

You can edit anything I make in whatever form you'd like (you don't have to ask, just go ahead), just give credit where credit is due and don't make money off of it.

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GoS DownloadsCollapse )

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Everything else I've made is somewhere on this LJ/DW. :)

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Project List

Aug. 23rd, 2019 | 11:03 pm
mood: chipperchipper

This list is more of a reminder for myself than anything else, so no promises about the status of anything I have up on here. Though if something does get finished it will appear here or on GoS sooner or later.

--TS2 Projects

None, currently.

--TS3 Projects

* FR's plantsim detailing as recolourable tattoo/accessory
* My own Bratislava walls TS2>TS3
* CuriousB's Box Set eyes TS2>TS3
* Furry skintone blend
*Gradient leggings
*Cosette's Iron Ghosts walls TS2>TS3
*Bosie and io's cheongsam textures TS2>TS3
*Enayla eyes TS2>TS3
*My Turn on Me skin blend TS2>TS3

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[pictures] tumblr pic roundup: long lost edition

Sep. 4th, 2012 | 11:45 am
mood: amusedamused

This post is just some older pictures that I forgot I'd never put up here.

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[pictures]tumblr pic roundup + an announcement

Sep. 4th, 2012 | 10:26 am

I wish I had time to play Supernatural. ;_; Oh well, by the time I can play Sims again, Seasons will be out too. Anyway, under the cut you will find the Pounawea pictures I posted recently (plus a few extras I didn't put on tumblr), and some other random sim pictures.

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An announcement: This will probably be one of my last (sim related) posts here for a while. My college course doesn't allow for a lot of free time, so I doubt I'll be able to sim at all while my semester is in progress. I do have a small backlog of pictures and things to post here eventually, and I will still be hovering around the community as I do, so please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM or something if you have any questions or would like to chat. :)

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[pictures]tumblr pic roundup + rambling

Aug. 14th, 2012 | 12:20 am
mood: awake

I don't post here often enough, so I'm trying to put some more things up here. Don't die on me, LJ/DW community!

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